Safety Tips

There are a few laws on the lake that are strictly enforced, and in the past, have caused some inconvenience for those who have ignored them. The booklet entitled The ABC's of California Boating Law, available from the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Department of Boating and Waterways, covers the rules and laws concerning boating. Ignoring them could result in personal injury and unnecessary expense. How much money depends on the severity of the offense.

The following is NOT a comprehensive list, but does contain some of the most common infractions.

Boats must:
  • Have one Coast Guard approved life jacket on board at all times for every person on the boat or in the water
  • Have one charged fire extinguisher on board
  • Have one Coast Guard approved flotation cushion on board
  • Have a flag up when anything (skier, rope, ski, etc.) is in the water
  • Observe the 5 MPH and no wake zones at all times
  • Observe the 200 foot/5 MPH zone for moored vessels or dock at all times
  • Do not attempt to pull a skier up to a moored vessel (the Barge) by whipping them into the vessel
  • Do not allow skiers to cross ropes when pulling more than one skier
  • Do not ski after sunset - between sunset and sunrise the speed limit is 5 MPH
  • Do not allow people to sit on the gunnel or lay on the engine cover while the boat is moving
  • Drive on the right side of the lake using a counter clockwise rotation
  • Be aware that the drinking and driving laws also apply to boating
The driver of the boat is responsible for obeying all laws. If a non-owner is driving the boat, make sure s/he is aware of the boating laws. If the Sheriff stops the boat and writes a ticket, it is the boat driver, not the boat owner, that legally assumes responsibility for the ticket.