Weekend Fee*

Includes one or two full days of water skiing or wakeboarding, equipment (if you need it), Orwood Camping, fun, sun, and Saturday night party.

Members $100 (2 days) $55 (1 day)
Non-members $135 (2 days) $75 (1 day)
Boat Owner $10 (Saturday Dinner)  
Boat Owner Guest CAD $30 (Incl. Saturday Dinner) Non-CAD $50 (Incl. Saturday Dinner)
Unattached Fee $25.00 + Event Fee  

Note: The weekend fee includes camping and the Saturday night dinner and party. It does NOT include a special event fee which may be charged if we have non-Orwood or special event weekends.

Membership Fee*

Single membership: $50

Household membership: $85

(Note that some activities may be unsuitable for those under the age of 21.)

Boat Owners*

We will waive all but the $10 dinner fee for your Weekend. You pay only $10.00 for any guest that acts as your CAD or only $30.00 if your guest is not your CAD. We pay for your boat gas, pay your launching and camping fees, and provide additional benefits. Contact the club for more information.

*Prices subject to change