About the Fun and Sun Water Sports Club

What We Do

The club organizes outings from May to October at a rate of about one every other weekend. The club uses a reserved camping area with plenty of campsites, and a bathroom with hot showers.

Each person attending a trip is assigned to one boat for Saturday and another boat for Sunday. The morning and afternoon are spent skiing, boarding, and/or floating depending on each boat crew's mood.

In the evening on Friday and Saturday, it is normal for a centralized party to form. On Friday nights, the party is helped along by "Shooterville", our donation driven bar. On Saturday nights, the party begins with dinner. Often the whole group eats meals prepared by volunteers and based around a theme such as Mardi Gras (Cajun food), Toga (Spaghetti), or Steak Feed (Steak).

Some of the themes involve costumes (like Toga, Mardi Gras, and Fiesta), and some themes involve other activities. For example, we have a decorated boat parade through the whole campground during the Mardi Gras outing, a campsite decorating contest for the Trailer Trash outing, and a shot making competition for Shorts, Shades and Shooters. Whatever the theme, Saturday night always includes a chance to dance to music from the club's professional grade stereo system.

What If I Don't Know How to Waterski or Wakeboard, or Am Not Very Good?

Some members come to the club already knowing how to ski or board, and some members come to the club wanting to try it for the first time. Every summer, we teach dozens of people how to get up, and how to have fun and more fun behind the boat. The club maintains double waterskis, single waterskis, and wakeboards for use by those new to the sports, or for those that don't have their own equipment.

We are not a competitive ski club so don't focus on tournaments or competitions. Our environment allows members of any ability level to participate and enjoy equally. The ability level of club members ranges from the absolute beginner all the way to competitive skiers. Everyone fits in at Fun & Sun!

I Don't Need a Boat?

Some of our members have ski boats and wakeboard boats -- we call them the Boat Owners. Most of our members however don't own boats, and they form the Boat Crews for the Boat Owners. Since we try to average 4 to 5 people per boat, we need to have more people without boats than bringing boats!

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up right here, right now.
Become a member today.

What Does a Weekend Cost?

For non-boat owners, the price of the weekend ranges from $100 - $135 depending on whether or not you have signed up for membership. This fee includes two days of skiing, two nights of camping and Saturday night's festivities. Note that fees will vary as the location varies and are subject to change. For boat owners, the only charge is for the group dinner Saturday night, when dinner is provided. The club reimburses boat owners for boat gas, launch fees, and camping fees.

What If I Have Questions?

There are three excellent documents that describe in some detail how the club works. There is Words of Wisdom for Members (PDF) which is great reading for anyone interested in the club. There is Words of Wisdom for Boat Owners (PDF) which covers important info if you are planning to bring your boat with you. The Fun & Sun board uses some guidelines to keep the club running smoothly, which are known as the Standard Operating Guidelines (PDF).

For additional questions, our Membership Director and our Member at Large are excellent first points of contact.

We hope to see you soon!